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Girly ‘Kara’ Bedroom

Schoolehouse Kara BedroomSchoolhouse is an American lighting, furniture and home accessories brand and shop I have lusted over for ages. The ‘Kara Bedroom’ comes from their stunningly presented lookbook.

It’s feminine, but not too girly. I think it would make a wonderful starting point for an older child’s bedroom, or for an adult! The mixture of white, creams and beige is what I really love about this particular image.



Items ready and waiting for you to purchase from our Great British Highstreet

1 A Turkish Hannam Towel makes a perfect throw. £25 from Notonthehighstreet

2 A natural ‘Palma’ wooden table lamp. £11.25 Tesco Direct

3 Supersoft ‘Logan’ flannellette duvet cover. From £30 John Lewis

4 ‘Nesna’ bamboo side table. £7 Ikea

5 Magnolia paint. Various shades from £10 for 5 litres, Wilkinsons

6 White scallop throw. £18 ASDA Direct

7 ‘Papplewick’ 3ft single bed frame. £79 Bedsinleek

8 ‘Alice’ double bed headboard. £99 Headboardsuk

9 ‘Antique Rose Bouquet’ pillowcase. Cath Kidston £14


Keep an eye out at Charity shops, carboot sales, eBayGumtree & your local paper. Takes a bit of time but there are bargains to be bagged


1 Upcycled Wine Glass Tumblers. These are around £5 each, and can be found on Etsy from UK sellers. You’ll also pick them up at craft fairs and car boot sales.

2 Fill the wall behind your bed with artwork in plain white frames, from £2.60 at Wilkinsons. Mix it up with different mounts- such as these cream ones starting at 65p  (or make your own using coloured card). Put up sketches from your life drawing classes, and find watercolours and prints in charity shops.

3 Buy a glass hurricane jar like this one from Matalan for £8, and find some greenery to fill it with. Scour your garden for herbs and leaves to make a display.

All you need to do now is pile up a collection of books under the side table and layer up all the blankets, throws and pillows on the bed.


Mid Century Modern Hotel Room


So, it starts here- for our anniversary last year Andrew and myself treated ourselves to a weekend away at The Townhouse hotel and bar in Falmouth, Cornwall. The interior was put together by one of my favourite designers Kathryn Tyler, and I had an idea that I could recreate the look in our empty spare room when we got home.


I set about scouring the highstreet and internet for ideas of how I could get the look on a tiny budget.


This pretty much paved the way to start a blog based on the results of this one room. I figured I could source items for pretty much any style, using images of amazing interiors that already exist as my starting point.



Items ready and waiting for you to purchase from our Great British Highstreet


1 ‘Bobby’ desk lamp £18 ‘Evelyn’ cushion £12 Habitat

2 ‘Quantick’ desk lamp, B&Q £19.98 (I would get this in white)

3 Grey paint (varying shades) from £10 for 2.5 litres & large white photo frame £8.24 Wilkinsons

4 ‘Hemnes’ bedside table £40 IKEA

5 Satin Stripe bed sheets, Primark £16 for a double set

‘Stone’ cushion and curtains from £7.99, Dunelm

7 Velvet cushion covers, H&M boudoir £4.99, square £6.99


Keep an eye out at Charity shops, carboot sales, eBay, Gumtree & your local paper. Takes a bit of time but there are bargains to be bagged


1 For bedroom furniture, the type to search for is ‘mid century modern’, and anything from the 1950’s-1970’s. Orangey varnished wood and sharp edges are key features. On eBay and Gumtree you can expect to pay anything from £10-£150 but also check out charity shops and carboot sales for bargains.

2 Army Blanket – A quick eBay search, or pop into your local Army Surplus shop and these can be picked up for around £15-£25. The quality varies and mine needed a good wash. A search for ‘grey wool army blanket’ should do the trick.

3 For artwork, look out for interesting gift wrap at a fraction of the price of an art print. Designers such as Emily Burningham and collectives such as Nobrow are stocked in independent shops nationwide and are priced between around £1.50 for a single sheet, or you can buy online. (Frame a large piece in your large white photo frame).

4 Look for chairs with plywood butterfly backs or with Ercol-style ladder backs. You’ll often find these in charity shops which sell furniture or at carboot sales, odd ones that aren’t part of a dining set are likely to be cheap as chips.

5 A pair of low stools from a school would make perfect bedside tables. I’ve seen them in vintage shops for £6 each, definitely worth keeping an eye out for.


A bit more work, but with a box of bits and tutorials a click away, you can create something by hand and at a fraction of the price of buying new


1 So apparently finding some cheap geometric cushion covers of fabric is IMPOSSIBLE. Instead, get some plain white cotton, a fabric pen and a ruler, and create some of your own! In black or red, made into a pair of boudoir or square shaped cushions they’ll work great next to cushions in plain fabric.

2 To make the cushions I cut the fabric into pieces 2cm larger than I wanted it to end up, and bought a 16″ zip, and 2m of piping and cord. I then followed this Youtube video for how to attach piping to a cushion:  and this one to put in the zip: 

3 I am in love with this DIY yellow headboard made by Megan from Homemade Ginger. I think it would work with the look in this bold yellow, or in a grey fabric similar to the hotel room.

4 If your chair has a seat cushion, follow this tutorial and prep it up with some brightly coloured fabric.

And with that in mind, here’s my version…


Our rented house is already painted top to bottom in a chalky grey, which was a perfect start! You can see the grey wool army surplus blanket here, and an old Anglepoise desk lamp given to me by my Dad. The room is pretty tiny- with just enough room for a double bed and dressing table area for any overnight guests.


Primark satin stripe sheets, handmade bourdoir cushion and Dunelm ‘Stone’ cushion and curtains. I got obsessed with the idea of having a large yellow chevron print on the cushions, but fabric was surprisingly difficult to find! In the end I bought two ‘fat quarters’ (used for quilting) from America for about £10, these were just about the right size to use. The designer of the print is Riley Blake.


The wall mirror and pine shelves were already in the room when we moved in, so I added personal items to them- including my favourite coffee table books. The desk was found at a junk yard for £10 and I cleaned it up, waxed and painted the drawers myself. The original Ercol chair is one of a pair I got from an antique shop for £25, the mirror was a charity shop find and the glass tray and picture frame found in my parents’ attic.

And there you have it! First post and a real-life ‘Interior Look’ to boot.