The aim of this website is to show how it is possible to recreate designer and aspirational interiors in our own homes by sourcing from the UK highstreet, at reasonable prices. I’ll share links to tutorials so you can DIY, and point out bits and bobs which are readily available at car boot sales and charity shops. CLICK HERE to see where it all began.

Set me a challenge

Send me an image of an interior you’ve fallen in love with- find Interior Looks on Tumblr, TwitterFacebook or email at interiorlooksuk(at)gmail(dot)com. It could be a photo from a hotel you’ve stayed in or an image on a designer website or from an interiors magazine, or even a still from a film of TV show. I’ll source the bits and pieces required for you to recreate the look at home, at an affordable price.

About me

In 2008 I graduated from University College Falmouth with a degree in Textile Design, specialising in printed textiles for interiors. After graduating I ran a shop selling handmade clothing, accessories and homewares, before running a screenprinting business in Birmingham until February 2012. I am currently living in Exeter with my partner Andrew and our cat, Domino.



Photographs and images are not mine unless specifically stated. In most cases I have not seen the products in real life- so I cannot vouch for their quality or build, neither the reputability of the retailer. Tutorials featured are not all tried and tested by me, they should be a starting point for your own research. This blog is a bit of fun and hopefully you’ll find a few bits and pieces you like. All links and prices are correct at time of publishing.


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