Monochrome living room

68958e0624a419d115ed02baab1d595fI found this 
gorgeous living space whilst browsing monochrome rooms on Apartment Therapy a few days ago. It’s full of designer bits and pieces. That spotty bowl? £41. The throw? Try £165. Not to mention the Stelton flasks and Eames bird. There’s no denying they are beautiful, but sadly way out of my budget.



Items ready and waiting for you to purchase from our Great British Highstreet


1 Black and White LSA 1.5 Litre glass jugs. £21.50 Amazon

2 ‘Stockholm’ cushion. £15 IKEA / Ekby Jarpen/ Ekby Stodis wall shelf. £9 IKEA

3 Small ‘Elder Hyacinth’ chest. £9.99 Dunelm / Replica Eames House Bird. £39 Milan Direct

4 ‘Eivor’ throw. £15 IKEA

5 ‘Nyttja’ frame 50x70cm. £7.25 IKEA / Mountain print 46x61cm. £23.99 AllPosters

6 ‘Karlstad’ sofa in Isunda grey. £410 IKEA / ‘Karlstad’ metal legs. £20 for 4 IKEA

7 ‘Linus’ black side table. £29 Fashionforhome

8 ‘Aichi’ coffee table. £110.50 Wayfair (there are no white round coffee tables!)

9 Choose from a selection of geometric plates. From £20.95 Zazzle

10 Real cowhide rug. From £159 Southamericadirect (or check out this tutorial for and excellent-looking DIY cruelty free one)/ ‘Stockholm’ rug. From £100 IKEA


A bit more work, but with a box of bits and tutorials a click away, you can create something by hand and at a fraction of the price of buying new

InteriorLooksDIY61 Make some envelope cushions with fabric in petite dots and black and white chevron print from Fabricbuy.

2 Get a large format printers to print out a high resolution image of your chosen number or letter 50x70cm in size. It will cost from around £11 depending on the finish you want. In my mock-up above I used Helvetica bold in white on a black background. Put in a ‘Nyttja’ frame from IKEA.

3 Make your own spotted decorative bowl by buying a plain white bowl like this one from IKEA for £3. Decorate with black dot stickers from a stationers for £1.19.


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