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designlovefest-house1designlovefest-house2 designlovefest-house4I stumbled across these images whilst browsing living rooms on Pinterest, and immediately read the entire blog post it came from whilst drooling over the photos. I LOVE the bright colours- especially the accents of fuchsia.


The first port of call for this one is a trip to Ikea.  Some of the items are exactly the same (I’ve put an * by), some are similar, and a few of them will require a bit of DIY before they’ll work- so bear with me!


Items ready and waiting for you to purchase from our Great British Highstreet


1 ‘Vitten’ high pile rug 140x£200. £80 IKEA

2 ‘Tony’ Task Lamp in yellow. £25 John Lewis

3 Ceramic pattern vase. £8 Matalan

4 ‘Stockholm’ cushion*. £15 IKEA / Mongolian Faux Fur cushion. £8 Matalan / Stripe cushion cover. £3.99 H&M

5 ‘Eivor’ stripe throw*. £15 IKEA

6 ‘Tubby’ 3 seater sofa in turquoise. £499 Made

7 ‘PS Vago’ outdoor chair in turquoise. £25 IKEA

8 Skyline armless chevron chair. £152.99 dflop

9 ‘Mandel’ flowerpot. £2.50 IKEA / White ribbed vase. £9 Wilkinsons

10 ‘Lovbacken’ side table. £45 IKEA / ‘Lenda’ curtains. £20 IKEA


Keep an eye out at Charity shops, carboot sales, eBayGumtree & your local paper. Takes a bit of time but there are bargains to be bagged

InteriorLooksFIND31 Okay, so I admit, this is going to be a toughie- but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you’ll spot a pair of teal ceramic lamp bases at an antiques fair or listed on eBay. Sadly the highstreet seems to be lacking budget reproductions.

2 Lots and lots of houseplants. Buy large white plastic plant pots and get growing. Rubber, palms and Swiss Cheese are readily available and fine in our UK climate. Ask friends if you can cultivate some offcuts, check out garden centres and car boot sales. The cacti with the bright pink flowers is called ‘Thelocactus’.

3 A Moroccan pouffe in brown leather. These seem to be listed on eBay quite often and go for around £10-£20.

4 A second hand coffee table. To emulate the look, it needs to have a rectangular top and rounded legs- so styles from the 1950’s-1970’s are perfect. A quick search on my local Gumtree and I’ve found ones listed from £25-£60. Definitely a cheaper and nicer option than a brand new one.


A bit more work, but with a box of bits and tutorials a click away, you can create something by hand and at a fraction of the price of buying new

InteriorLooksDIY31 This ‘Geometric Inspired Cushion’ tutorial from Talesfromahappyhouse would be great to pull together all the accent colours in the room. Swap the triangles for a fish scale shape and you can create something pretty close to the original.

2 Make your own velvet fuchsia footstool using this tutorial from Livingwithpunks. I’d leave off the handle and do the edging in a gold lurex piping.

3 Before you assemble this ‘Vittsjo’ laptop table bought from IKEA for £20, you could spraypaint it gold (here’s some handy tips for spraypainting metal). It’d make a great art deco style side table. Although not UK-based, this blog post on Brittanymakes is a good starting point for what to look out for with gold paint.

4 The shape of the gold side table reminds me of children’s furniture, so why not spraypaint an IKEA ‘Mammut’ stool which is just £5. For tips on spraypainting plastic, take a peek at this link. This blog post on Styleingwithchildren takes a more subtle approach.

EDIT I found this tutorial on 29 Rue House showing how to make the Ikea rug look like the Beni Ouarain one in the room.


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